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In 1851,an American named Lectra Merisse Singer invented a machine that replaced hand-sewing - a sewing machine. This revolutionary invention was called by the British contemporary world science and technology historian Dr. Joseph Needham as one of the four inventions that changed human life. For more than 160 years, when talking about sewing machines, people will mention the SINGER, and the SINGER is synonymous with sewing machines.
       In 1853, the first sewing machines began industrial production in New York City. Two years later, he won the first prize at the World Fair in Paris,France. In the same year, American Singer Company pioneered the “schedule payment” plan to increase sales, becoming the world's founder of promoting this type of sales, and has had a profound impact on today's consumer market. Ten years later, this USA company has 22 patents. The annual sales volume of sewing machines reaches 20,000 units. In 1867, Singer Company set up factories in other parts of the world and became the first multinational industrial company in the United States. By 1880, the global sales volume reached 250,000 units.The well-known red trumpet sign was also established at this time.
       In 1889, Singer Company made the world's first electric sewing machine.By the end of the 19th century, the global sales volume reached 1.35 million units, and a global sales network specializing in distribution and business promotion was also launched at this time.
       In the 20th century, especially after World War II, Singer Company entered a period of great development. it has introduced many special sewing machines to meet and promote the development of the sewing process.
       In1908, the American singer company was established headquarters in New York, The Singer Building in New York was the world's first skyscraper, becoming the tallest building in the world at that time.
      Since the 1960s, it's global network of more than 30,000 specialty stores and dealerships has formed a strong global sales network and successfully turned to diversification. These include the world-famous US "Apollo Moon Landing" program and future space shuttle programs.
      In1975, Singer Company invented a computer-controlled multi-function household sewing machine, which was gradually used in industrial sewing machines. The manufacturer especially produce the industrial sewing machine of Nikko Singer, which is familiar to Chinese users.
      In order to further expand the Chinese mainland and Southeast Asian markets, Singer of the United States and Maqi of China have conducted a strong cooperation and jointly developed a variety of leading global industrial sewing machines with many era characteristics, injecting new vitality into the Singer brand.

      Since  its inception,SINGER has always insisted on teaching the people of the world to learn sewing and attracting customers with advanced sewing machine technology. SINGER relies on a strong professional marketing team to provide customers with comprehensive, standardized and humanized services.SINGER will bring you the opportunity to sew high-end integrated solutions for mechanical intelligence, integrate resources and create great cause!